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7 Days To Die: Best Weapons And Where To Get Them

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7 Days To Die

Surviving in 7 Days To Die requires a great deal of planning, organizing and patience. But when the traps and fortifications of your base won?t do, all that?s left is to fend for yourself with one of the game?s array of weapons. The game has a mix of melee and ranged weapons, and some are better than the others. Here are our picks for the best melee and ranged weapons in the zombie apocalypse.


This ranged weapon is without a doubt better than the wooden bow. It has better durability, range and damage. To be able to use this, be sure you come across the Crossbow schematic first. The required items for crafting the Crossbow are 1x forged iron, 2x leather and 10x wood. What makes this weapon even better is it can be equipped with several types of bolts including Iron, Steel and Exploding bolt.

.44 Magnum

There are a lot of guns in the game, but the .44 Magnum is a must-have. Players can get this weapon by picking it up at random places including Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores, or it can also be crafted upon picking up the Enforcer Magazine. Crafting it requires a lot of items though, including .44 Magnum frame, cylinder, parts and grip. Be forewarned that this weapon is loud and only has a capacity of six bullets, so it?s not recommended for hordes. However, it does deal great damage as compared with other guns in 7 Days To Die.

Hunting Knife

To craft the Hunting Knife, look out for the Hunting Knife Book and ready 2x wood and 2x forged iron. This weapon doesn?t deal a lot of damage but it?s quick and easy to use and very useful in surprise zombie attacks. The best thing about the Hunting Knife is that it can also be used to harvest items like animal hide, animal fat and raw meat.

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