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7 Days To Die Alpha 16: Zombies Overhauled And More Features Revealed In New Sneak Peek

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7 days to die patch 7

After Alpha 15, The Fun Pimp?s 7 Days To Die got a whole lot better with new features and improvements. There is more coming to the game in the coming months as the developer is already working on Alpha 16. There?s a new update on the progress of the next major patch, and here are a few more details on 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.

New Zombies

The developer isn?t going to exactly add new zombie types to the game. However, they are going to give the common enemy in the game an overhaul. The current zombies in the game now look dull and don?t perform very well, as they glitch often. Once 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 hits, there will be new zombies that not only look better but are tougher as well. They?ll be faster than the current ones in the game.

New Objects

During last week?s Alpha 16 preview, the developer revealed a few new base-building options. This time, they?re going to add a new structure in the game that will allow players to create arched doorways and many more. Additionally, the developer also improved a few visual aspects. When joining blocks together, the textures will blend more seamlessly than before.

Shape Builder Menu

Last week, the developer revealed a new customization feature that allows players to create an array of shapes using a shape builder menu. This week, The Fun Pimps revealed how players can build easier using a new Shape Builder menu. While the player has a frame in his hand, he can bring up the menu to see what kind of shapes he can create with it. The shapes range from platforms to stairs, so there?s going to be better bases with Alpha 16.

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