7 Days To Die Alpha 16: All New Defense Structures In The Update

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7 Days To Die’s patch notes for Alpha 16 has officially been revealed and The Fun Pimps is readying quite the update for us. The biggest patch for the game is set to introduce a host of new content and features for the game. In 7 Days To Die Alpha 16, players are also going to get a hand at new defense structures.

One of the new features in the upcoming 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 is Electricity and along with this new mechanic are several new structures. Once the update arrives, players will get new defense structures for their bases.

Blade Trap

The Blade Trap consists of three blades that rotate quickly when triggered. It’s a devastating new line of defense, but players shouldn’t just place it anywhere. The Blade Trap does not discriminate and will damage the player as well. Placing it in an area commonly passed by the player won’t be a good idea. It’s a line of defense that’s best placed a few blocks from the base and it’s a good way to begin hurting zombies.

Electric Fence Post

This new structure in 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 will shock both players and zombies that get in contact with the fence. Again, it’s best placed far from the base to avoid any mishaps. It’s also best to place the fence around the base for maximum coverage.

Dart Trap

When powered, the Dart Trap will begin shooting metal at blistering speed. This causes significant damage to zombies caught in the line of fire. The Dart Trap is best placed in an area not easily reached by zombies so that it won’t get destroyed quickly.

Auto Turret

This is perhaps one of the best new structures in the game. The Auto Turret senses any nearby enemies and will begin shooting at it after a certain distance is reached. Like the Dart Trap, it’s best placed in an area not easily reached by zombies. Players should take note that the Auto Turret will need 9MM bullets.

Shotgun Turret

This is basically like the Auto Turret but a shotgun will be the main weapon instead. Since this is a shotgun-based weapon, it’s best used at short range. To avoid it getting obliterated by zombies regularly, it’s best to fortify the surrounding area of the shotgun turret with walls and other traps.

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