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7 Days To Die Alpha 16: The Fun Pimps Gives A Better Look At The Next Update

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7 Days To Die Alpha 16

The Fun Pimps is once again at it for the weekly tease of Alpha 16 for 7 Days To Die. Based on what we?ve seen so far, the survival game will be looking a whole lot better once Alpha 16 drops for the PC. There will be a massive overhaul to what the players can build in the game, but the improved visuals are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are more details about 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.

Detailed Buildings

Joel Huenink first showcased the level of detail with what players can build in 7 Days To Die once Alpha 16 drops. The developer shows off a finished house that looks better than the current builds in the game. Textures are more refined and detailed, and thanks to the improvements, chaining blocks together never looked so smoother in the game.

Lighting Improvements

To give players a better visual experience, the game?s lighting will also be improved. Once 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 drops, players will see an upgrade in visuals when looking in the dark. Areas will still be dim, but it will be enough to give players a view of what?s up a few blocks ahead.


The developer gave players a deeper look at how electricity will work on the game. Players of Fallout 4 should be pretty familiar with how it will work. Players will need to build generators and connectors to power up a slew of objects. However, in 7 Days To Die, players will also need to constantly refuel ?the generator.

Zombie Overhaul

The Zombies in the game will look more disturbing when the next major update drops. The Fun Pimps is looking to make the zombies a lot less human and more monstrous in appearance.

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