7 Days To Die Alpha 15: What You Shouldn’t Expect As The Fun Pimps Releases Experimental Alpha Today

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7 Days To Die Alpha 15

The Fun Pimps has promised a 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 update for PC today. However, some fans were able to track which features will not make it in the experimental update. At best, we may see them on Alpha 15?s full release in October or in a later patch.

Not on Alpha 15

According to lazerblade01?s thread on the official 7 Days to Die forum, there are at least 18 features that won?t make it in the upcoming 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 experimental release. There’s certainly a?boatload of omitted features, but The Fun Pimps may implement them in a later patch. Those are:

  1. Socket System ? extensive town and landscape generation
  2. Sleeper Zombies ? Zombies that only become active upon entering rooms
  3. Breadcrumb system ? advanced AI system for following players
  4. Additional vehicles ? Buggy and Gyrocopter
  5. Radiation System and Hazmat Suits
  6. Bandits
  7. Pets ? Tamable animals
  8. Animal husbandry ? Resource animals
  9. Water Vehicles
  10. ?Farming
  11. ?Weapon Customization
  12. ?Electricity system
  13. ?Custom backpacks
  14. ?Spears
  15. ?Fire
  16. ?Food Spoilage
  17. ?Random World Generation Enhancements
  18. ?Rattlesnakes

Unstable and Experimental

Previously, Joel Huenink from The Fun Pimps said that the experimental Alpha 15 patch will be extremely buggy. Players should aim to only try out the new systems introduced in this new patch. At best, the upcoming 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 version might be buggier than the live servers.

Actual Alpha 15 Release

However, Huenink confirmed that the full version of 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 will be released this October. Fans can wait for that game build if they aim to commit to the game?s new systems. Additionally, the missing features and other additions might be included in the full Alpha 15 build. For now, players could either wait for this stable version or gamble on their progress with today?s release. Stay updated on more 7 Days to Die news here on TheBitBag.

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