7 Days To Die: 7 Ways To Improve The Game

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7 Days To Die

The console version of The Fun Pimps? survival horde crafting game, 7 Days To Die, launched last week, and the game was met with mixed reactions. Although gameplay is fun and addictive, we can?t help but be bothered by a few things in the game. Luckily, the game is expected to be improved over its duration as the title is still in development. Here are seven ways to improve 7 Days To Die PS4 and Xbox One.


The game has a lot of bugs that are both game-breaking and bothering. If there?s one thing that The Fun Pimps should get to first, it?s fixing all issues in the game so that players no longer have to worry about getting their saves ruined.



Most of the time, 7 Days To Die lags on consoles. If it?s not lagging, the game will freeze for a few seconds and then would run normally again. It?s really bothersome as some players would find themselves standing over Wooden Spikes, thanks to the game?s persistent freezing issues.


The game?s visuals could use an overhaul as it seems pretty outdated for the PS4 and Xbox One. At best, the graphics of the game on PS4 and Xbox One is perfect for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Better Animations

Like the game?s visuals, animations in the game are also below the standards for current-gen consoles. For example, characters move pretty stiffly, and Spider Zombies don?t look like they climb walls as they simply slide up, without proper climbing animation.

Menu Overhaul

The menu of the game is cluttered and filled to the brim with texts. It?s pretty hard to navigate it on consoles, and it?s better if The Fun Pimps would make the menu more controller-friendly. Kudos to the developer though for including shortcuts for the D-Pad, but it?s not enough for a game filled with a lot of items.


The game?s trophies and achievements are downright insane. They?re pretty hard to do and chances are, players might not even bother trying to accomplish them anymore. The Alexander The Great trophy/achievement in particular requires the player to kill 2500 other players.

More Players In A Server

Having more 7 Days to Die players in a server will help players achieve the Alexander The Great trophy/achievement in less time. It?s also more fun to survive the apocalypse with more comrades.


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