7 Concealed Google Chrome Tricks That Can Make Your Life Less Demanding

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In the world of internet, one always has to have a ?Browser? to add ?spice on one?s device; it may either be a tablet, laptop or a mobile phone.

This may sound weird, but not all people know what a browser is and what it does.

So, how would you define browser and what do you think it does?

Many people would just say, ?Browser is like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,?Firefox?or Safari and it is used for browsing!? Ok, that is a well-known fact, but to expound what it is and what it does, a Browser is a software that is utilized to get online. This software gives you a chance to visit sites like BitBag or do activities like sending and receiving emails, view pictures and videos among others.

A browser calls up a roll of requests to get the right content from servers or directories.?If I am to picture it on a different angle, I would say that this is like baking a cake. You would need to prepare the list of ingredients (content request) that when combined correctly, bakes the cake (the site page).

While there are numerous debates on which browser is best, for me it would be the smooth Google Chrome which others would probably agree. According to a W3schools Browser Statistics , Google is the most used browser since 2012.

One reason why people are using Chrome is because it has progressed far beyond its unique and original mission, and became a box of digital magic. It has a polished UI and a close to unlimited library of extensions.

Here are some of its embedded functionality that some people may not be aware of.

Drag Multiple Tabs

Most individuals know the “drag and drop” but they may not know that it is possible to drag more than one tab at once. For windows, just hold down Shift key and click all tabs you desire to move. For Mac, just hold the Command key.

Omnibox is a Unit Converter



This specific function just seems to work if Google is your default omnibox internet searcher and it won’t work in incognito.

Drag to Search


Highlight a word and drag it into the omnibox. ?For Mac, Control-click on the highlighted phrase or word.

?Drag URL to Bookmarks Bar?


In the event that you need a constant and an easy access to a site, you can just quickly drag the highlighted URL and drop it to your Bookmarks Bar.

Automatically Download Files to Desktop


This isn’t really applicable to others, but this is good for those who are too lazy to open an extra window just to get your downloads. Just automatically set the download to your desktop for ?easy access.

Closed Tabs Recovery

For Windows, simply press Control-Shift-T.
For Mac, Command-Shift-T

Easy Command to Delete History

For Windows, press?Control-Shift-Delete and?”Clear browsing data” will open.

For Mac, press Shift-Command-Delete.


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