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66 Percent Ditches Their Free Mobile Games After 24 Hours

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66 Percent Ditches Their Free Mobile Games After 24 Hours

San Francisco, California – Swrve, a testing firm, released a study that says 66 percent of those who download free mobile games will delete the application after just 24 hours.

The study was based on 90 million downloads on a 90 day term. This could not account to the rest of the world, but statistics will tell us that it could be accurate. Also, they have considered several game makers to join their cause.

The companies that they have included are Zeptolab, Gameloft, Epic Games, WB Games and Activisions. These are just major clients. They have connived with 25 more to make their case more reliable.

The Second Day Is the Day for It to Be a Big Hit

Those who download free mobile games will most likely keep a game that they really like after 24 hours. The goal for each company is to keep 40 percent of their users to do this. These games also have the best chances of being big.

This means that they could become viral. The rest of the world may not download them during the first day of their release. However, it will soon reach them when the remaining percentage talks about them on different sites.

They could also become viral just by mere talking of it. Ever wondered why these mobile games allow you to share your scores? One reason is that they want others to play the game, too. You could be their voucher that the game is indeed interesting.

Efficiency Should Come in Quick

These free mobile games should make the user fall in love at first sight. The first 24 hours are the most crucial part. Just like how it goes with dating, this will determine whether the other person will call or not.

The secret with Candy Crush and other games that went viral is that they were very easy to play but the entertainment was kept. Plus, users do not need much time to finish one goal. Game developers who focus much on gameplay and story could just switch to video games rather than these ones.

Free mobile games are easily disposed. This is because people do not have to spend so much on them. Plus, downloads do not take much time. It can be done in just under five minutes. If you are a game maker, how would you design your piece to make it more than 24 hours?

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