$60M in Blu-Ray Sales Last Week

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This data is from a website called Blu-ray. It is not an official Blu-ray site. It actually looks like a commercial site. Their source is Home Media Magazine, but I cannot find the article on the original site. Thanks to N4G for this tip.

According to Home Media Magazine, consumers spent over $60M on Blu-ray titles last week, representing 14% of the home media market. The 167% spike is due in large part to the Blu-ray release of ‘The Dark Knight’, which is breaking Blu-ray sales records around the world. Comparatively, the previous week, where ‘Wanted’ was the hot new release, consumers spent $23.64M on Blu-ray.

On the year in whole, consumers have spent nearly $500M on Blu-ray titles, and the average spent per week has been growing as adoption continues to rise.

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