60 FPS Videos on YouTube to Be Made Available!

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YouTube Update
YouTube Update

YouTube is doing major updates on the site and by major, we mean MAJOR updates, especially for gamers and game review producers. CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki recently announced that the 60 frames-per-second framerate will be added to their supported formats. This is great news for people who specifically makes high speed framerates for consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but they aren?t the ones who are going to benefit here. Home videos will also be more ?immersive? with a more ?realistic? feel on the footage with such framerates. (Footage on most video cameras are set to 60)

Another good news is Wojcicki also announced about a big crowd-sourced translation effort that aims to let viewers of videos to enjoy clips on YouTube in their native language through subtitles.

“Our goal is to make it that every video uploaded to YouTube will be available in every language,” ? YouTube CEO

Aside from this, YouTube will also include a feature that would let you donate money to content producers whose videos entertain you well. This feature is going to be called the ?Tip Jar?. It will allow users to ?show some love? for their most liked contributors. They can give tips amounting from $1 to $500. This could prove to be very helpful for emerging artists or groups in raising some fund on projects, or add a bit on their earnings from YouTube posts. Charities may also get a great benefit from such feature since they can receive donations directly from the YouTube page itself.

Other features to be included are interactive overlay cards that will allow users to purchase points off from a Kickstarter campaign page or an App listing.

About 7,500 royalty-free songs and sound effects will also be added into the mix for ?even more creative freedom for users who don?t have access to a lot of resources. Creator Credits will also be added and its purpose will be to give props to other YouTube content creators who helped with a project or a video.

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