6 Reasons Why ?Orange is the New Black? Season 4 Should Be Replaced With ?Wentworth?

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Orange is the New Black season 4
Orange is the New Black season 4

If you haven?t watched Wentworth, you may be missing out on life. However, if you have watched Orange is the New Black season 4, also called OITNB, then there are a number of reasons why you should switch over to Wentworth. TheBitBag team and Wentworth fans have collided paths to create this article. Don?t worry! You can still watch both of these shows.


  • Cinematography, writing, acting


Wentworth introduces Australian stars like Pamela Rabe and Danielle Cormack. These names aren?t as known in Hollywood, but they still pack great drama acting on television (actually it?s on Netflix!). Wentworth is set with dark undertones to give viewers a feeling of the heaviness prison can give you. It?s about women in prison where in Bea Smith, the main character, has gone from underdog to top dog. The writing of the script is continuous and follows a certain agenda. Even fans of Wentworth, who have been in prison in the United States, have said that it is spot on! Beyond that, the script writing is superb with hooking its viewers from the pilot episode.

One fan says, ?It has as much grit and injustice as it does humour and happiness, it’s an excellent combination!?


  • The Cast and the LGBT community


Although Wentworth has only won 9 awards with 23 nominations since 2013 compared to OITNB?s 43 awards, many of the actresses involved have won a best actress award because of this show. The almost all ladies cast has captured its audience by highlighting different backgrounds with heavy motives.

This show has also helped the LGBT community?s rights be known and accepted. It is actually similar to what OITNB has done. However, Wentworth is limited to being viewed through Foxtel, which makes it difficult for some to watch. Although if you own a Netflix account, the first three seasons are up while the still-running season 4 will be added later on.


  • True to life jail set-up


According to some fans who have been jailed before, they say that Wentworth is more true-to-life compared to OITNB. Felicia Adreani, a fan and creator of the Facebook group Ballie Shippers Unite, says, ?…[it is] totally believable, I?ve been in jail. The villains, the heroes, and everyone and everything is broken, yet beautiful. [It is like a] mosaic of a jillion pieces of a high-action thriller.?

Even AfterEllen contributor Elaine Atwell says ?Bea is the closest thing to a heroine the show provides, because there?s no place for heroes in prison.? She mentions that even sympathetic characters end up having to choose the lesser evils.


  • The fans, video editors and fanfiction writers are all invested


Several members of the Ballie Shippers Unite Facebook group mentions that one of the reasons they like Wentworth is its followers. Many fans of OITNB have become distant in terms of communicating even through social media. The member says, ?…definitely the Facebook groups. I’ve been on tons for OITNB, Lost Girl, Grey’s, and only Orphan Black has come in a distant 2nd to Wentworth fans. Especially, THIS page and the After Dark one. Love yall!? Moreover, after every episode of Wentworth, some writers take the time from their day to write what?s coming next. There is fanfiction written every week for those who need to get their fix of Wentworth.


  • ?It’s like a drug, that is so good you want to share it, with everyone you know.?


Even when Wentworth was gaining its popularity, articles like this were rampant among LGBT sites, like AutoStraddle and AfterEllen. Many of the reasons these two sites were able to state about Wentworth was the fact that besides having ?ladies? and ?hot ladies? everywhere was that it was captivating to watch. AutoStraddle contributor Kate says, ?You will get invested in this [Bea Smith] character like you?ve never been invested before.?

Wentworth Season 4 Episode 9 Recap


  • Ballie romance


Although this reason may be a bit biased*, others who are not part of the LGBT community have come to like this relationship as well. This reasons is here due to the recent development in Wentworth season 4. Many of the fans were happy that one of the main characters was able to find love in a seemingly hopeless place.


*Most of the fans TheBitBag team interviewed came from Ballie Shippers Unite.

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