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6 Fake Pokemon GO Apps You Should Stay Away From

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Pokemon GO fans, you must stay away from these six fake Pokemon GO apps. These apps will infect your phone.

News broke out that fake Pokemon GO apps are making the rounds and they bring malware in your devices. Here you can find the details about those fake Pokemon GO apps.

  1. Go Catch Em All! Hungry Monster.IO

This game is not related to Pokemon GO or Niantic lab. It has taken the number one position in the App Store. However, it has illegally copied a few elements from Pokemon GO and another game called Agar.i.o.

  1. ???Pokedex for Pokemon GO

This is not a malicious app though it doesn?t have Pokemon GO. So, visiting this app means you are wasting your valuable time. You will get the information about the Pokemon GO on this app. ?A few users have claimed that the information disclosed by the Pokedex is not authenticated.

  1. ???Catch Em! For Pokemon Go

This app has topped the Free Apps chart in Apple’s Canadian iTunes store. Pokemon GO fans will not gain anything from this app.

  1. ???Pokemon Go Ultimate

Pokemon Go Ultimate will trouble your phone. It locks the phone screen once after it?s installed. ?The user, then, either has to restart the phone or remove the battery through Android Device Manager. When you switch on the phone, you will find the app running in the background. It may ask you to click on ads. Eset spotted this as a fake app.

?Pokemon Go Ultimate is the first observation on Google Play of lockscreen functionality being successfully used in a fake app. As its ultimate functionality is clicking on porn ads, it?s not truly damaging. But as for its lockscreen functionality, it?d only take adding a ransom message to create the first lockscreen ransomware on Google Play,? explains Luk?? ?tefanko, ESET Malware Researcher.

  1. ???Droid Jack

The security firm Prooftpoint found out this fake app. Through this app, a hacker can get into your phone and break your phone’s security features. This app was created soon after the official launch of Pokemon GO. ?

  1. Install Pokemongo

Around 10,000 to 50,000 people have visited this app. Now, it has been removed from Google Play. The user will get to see the notifications related to Pokecoins, Pokeballs etc. However, the notifications are fake. You should not pay for these services.

Pokemon GO fans, if you want to download any apps related to Pokemon GO, you must cross check its authenticity. Download only from trustworthy sources. Read the user reviews and comments. You are also advised to get a good antivirus software on your mobile phone. ?

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