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6 Awesome And One-Of-A-Kind Gadgets for Your Home from CES 2014

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Looking for something cool to make your home a lot more modern and make your life easier?

Well, you?re going to love this list. Check out these amazing products that were showcased in the latest Consumer Electronics Show.

Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer

Panasonic NanoeSurprised that a hair dryer found its way in a tech event? Don?t be because Panasonic?s newest product does something other hair dryers can?t: moisturize the hair.

This high-tech dryer will definitely be a hit to women because this prevents hair frizz and breakage due to constant blow drying. It moisturizes the hair without getting it wet and even strengthens hair strands.

Sounds a little bit confusing, right? Don?t be too hard on yourself. The company knows what it?s doing. This funky looking hair dryer (it looks like a laser gun) costs $179.

Goji Smart Lock

Goji-smart-door-lockYou will never worry about who?s going in and out your home with Goji Smart Lock. This door lock will let you see who?s at the door?even when you?re not at home. Its built-in camera will take a snapshot of who?s knocking and notifies your smartphone.

You can allow access to anyone by sending a text or email. You can also provide limited or unlimited access to anyone and even set specific times when someone can enter your home. This is very handy if you have cleaners or contractors. You can also use this when expecting guests.

At $299, the Goji Smart Lock also comes with clip-on electronic fobs for housemates who don?t have smartphones, like kids or the elders. You will also have traditional keys for backup.


TrackrYou?ll never have to worry about misplacing something, like your keys or phone, with Trackr. Attach the device on your belongings and install the app on your phone. Press a button on the app when you can?t find something. It will find its location and make the device ring.

It can even locate your phone when you misplace it.

It?s also helpful when your stuff is stolen. Other users will be alerted and its distance indicator can be extremely useful because you?ll get a notification if you pass by an area (or person) and your item is nearby.


TypoTypo?s Bluetooth keyboard eliminates the nuisance caused by typing on an iPhone touchscreen. This easily slips on to any iPhone and connects via Bluetooth. Typing becomes way easier because you can utilize the entire screen and its built-in intelligence makes typing more effective and efficient. It?s also backlit so you can compose messages even in low-light places.


TREWGripThis is one interesting gadget that?ll immediately grab your attention. It?s another keyboard that attaches to 7-inch tablets like the iPad mini.

The keys are at the back of either panel, so you type in a different way. Presumably, you?ll type with just four fingers in each hand since the thumb would be supporting the device. There are indicators on the front side that light up when you press a key. That way, you?ll know if you?re hitting the right letters.

Moneual Rydis H68

moneual-vacuum-header-970x0Cleaning your home just got easier because you don?t need to lift a finger anymore. This pro vacuum takes care of sweeping and mopping your floor with its integrated wet mopping, multi-room mapping system and new cleaning modes.

It has an upward-facing camera that studies your house so it knows where exactly to go. It also has the biggest water tank among similar devices of the same size and the cleaning cycles can last up to 5 hours. Cleaning the house has certainly become speedier and a lot smarter.






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