5SOS Luke Hemmings Admits Arzaylea Is Girlfriend, Fans Devastated?

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5SOS guitarist Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are a couple? Fans are devastated as the hot 5SOS star has admitted that Arzaylea is his girlfriend, validating the recent rumors that have been making the rounds, and debunking earlier rumors of a Luke and Arzaylea breakup

The recent Rolling Stone interview revealed more about Luke and Arzaylea relationship. Until now there were just rumors rather than concrete news about this so called pair. But now, the Australian pop band’s heartthrob has confirmed dating Arzaylea. And well, there?s even more to this. The young lad was accompanied by his girlfriend to this very interview of Rolling Stone.

According to Hollywood Take, the interview was held with the Rolling Stone reporter at an Italian restaurant. The twosome didn?t seem to be shy and were showing off PDA while the interview was going on. It appeared that the pair was very much in love as they constantly held hands. In fact, while talking to the reporter, Arzaylea rubbed Hemmings’ leg. They were seen attending a Good Charlotte concert after the interview.

The interview also shed light on how the couple met each other. Just a few months ago, Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea met in a ?really bad? party. Luke was impressed when she revealed her favorite band and the duo hit it off instantly.

Though he tried to keep their relationship a secret, rumors kept surfacing, leaving his fans more disappointed. ?It?s hard,? he said.? One of the weird things is you want it to be a secret, but you don?t want it to be a secret.?

Not a fan favorite

5SOS fans didn’t think there was a need to take her to the Rolling Stone interview. Arzaylea was mentioned more often than some of the 5SOS members, whereas the fans anticipated the interview to be about the band’s music. Many also questioned why Arzaylea was a part of this when Bryana Holly wasn?t?

Arzaylea is unpopular with 5SOS fans as some of them think that she recently leaked pictures of her making out with Hemmings to purposely be in the limelight. There were other rumors that Hemming?s fan following was affected due to his girlfriend?s previous rude behavior with his fans. The hot guitarist?s fans were of the opinion that Arzaylea was the one to send the pair?s photos to her supposed friends and were leaked by them later. In addition, Arzaylea has been accused of cheating in the past. In fact, one SOS fan also accused Arzaylea of calling security while the fan was trying to get a picture with Hemmings at a Blackbear concert recently.

Looking at the past incidents, Arzaylea?s impression amongst Luke?s fans certainly doesn?t seem to be good. But she doesn?t want to be hated.

She took to her Instagram: ?I don?t want to sit here and list all the things I?ve done wrong in life because I don?t think it?d fit on this page, but I accept my mistakes and I?m always learning.?

?This is something that keeps me up at night. I don?t want you to hate me. I don?t want to be the ?reason? this ?fandom? is ?falling apart?. I?m more like you than you can imagine.?

There were mixed reactions from the fans for this apology. Some felt it was genuine whereas some did not. Many of the fans felt that the way she treated the fans in past was not right and hence they hated her.

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