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50 Shades Of Grey Tech Error: The Flip Phone & The iMessage Conversation

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Get it together 50 Shades of Grey people. Ana obviously needs an upgrade!

50 Shades of Grey may be controversial for many reasons but as far as we techies are concerned, the film?s decision to let Anastasia Steele sport a flip phone (yes, a flip phone) is a major foul. What are they thinking? Is that Ana?s secret to her innocent allure? Well, we?re not impressed.

A flip phone in 2015?

Okay, we?re guessing you?ve already watched the movie and still cringe at the fact that they cast Jamie Dornan as the billionaire sadist Christian Grey instead of Ian Somerhalder (or Matt Bomer!). But what we?re certain of is that, in case you didn?t spot it, you?d definitely find it repulsive that Ana owns and uses a flip phone. A FLIP PHONE IN 2015.

To be fair, the book was published in June 2011 and E.L. James had probably written it months before that. But come on, Ana is a 21-year-old college senior. What kind of college student doesn?t use a smartphone?

The problem

This tech-related error comes to light during a scene where Steele is visiting her mother in Georgia. When she started texting Grey one night, she?s shown using a flip phone. Meanwhile, the telecom billionaire appears to be replying to Ana using an iPhone. That brings us to another tech mishap. The scene shows Christian?s SMS to Ana in a blue bubble, apparently referring to iOS? iMessage feature.

However, Business Insider points out that this is not accurate and mentioned:

?The texts should appear in a green bubble because Steele is a non-iPhone user. The texts would appear in a blue bubble only if both participants were using iMessage, which is not the case because Steele has a cheap flip phone.?

Twitter weighs in

On the other hand, this may not be such a big deal after all since there?s a bunch of rich people out there who are still loyal to flip phones. But folks from Twitter seem to be sharing our sentiment.


I was this close to walking out of the movie theat?r because Anastasia Steele’s flip phone #FSOG

? Michael (@mzaxg) February 13, 2015

What I learned from 50 Shades of Grey is that Anastasia Steele was a trap queen. New car, computer….but she kept that flip phone though.

? tahirah hairston (@tahairyy) February 26, 2015

The most disturbing part of 50 Shades of Grey is Anastasia Steele still has a flip phone

? ?? (@eddiechow55) February 22, 2015

Can someone please tell me why Anatasia Steele is using a flip phone in #50shadesofgray ? What is this 2005?

? Melanie Moon (@Moon_Melanie) February 13, 2015

Anastasia Steele has a 2001 flip phone yet when Christian texts her they’re blue iMessages #50shadesflukes

? Nikki (@Nikki_Mackk) February 22, 2015

We?re already excited for 50 Shades of Grey 2 (50 Shades Darker.) Will Ana rock a Palm Pre? Who knows?



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