5 Ways To Improve Playstation Home

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The release of the home beta has come and past, many have liked it, and many have hated it. For me, I am generally displeased with Sony’s product. SCE London and SCE Cambridge studios have been unofficially working on home since early 2005, mind you in 2005 it was called hub, and it centered around The Getaway: Black Monday. With out regard to the ps2’s small online user base, hub was never finished before the ps3’s arrival. Former SCE worldwide studios President Phil Harrison, liked the idea of a 3D virtual community and transferred the project on ps3, this time under the name of home. Before the beta was available we were shown many things, 3rd party spaces, a bowling alley, a movie theater and many others. Most of the features shown have come to fruition, or at least are promised to appear in the near future, but myself I still feel a void in what Home could become . Here’s my list of the 5 ways to improve PlayStation Home.

1.  Integrate Home avatars into the friends list– With this feature, it will give a much needed revamp, to the mundane friends list, that is currently there. Now some might say, that this will be stealing from NXE, but why not borrow something from a already proven online service like Live.

2.  Integrate the Playstation store into Home– If the Playstation store had there own Home space, where you could browse, and que up demo, videos and all the other good stuff that the store has, it would save Home users time and potentially make more time for them to use Home.

3.  Integrate Qore– If you have bought a year subscription or a episode of qore for that month, you would be able to access there Home space. Within there Home space, they would have the months videos playing on TVs and the usual arcade game that comes as well you would be able to play,  it would just be another cool way to enjoy qore.

4.  Gaming/electronics convention space– Unable to fly out to L.A. for E3? Can’t make it to CES? Well with this space Sony would pick and chose the games and or tech that they think is worth checking out, and display it in this space.

5.  The addition of travel other then your feet– Tired of using your virtual feet, wanna give a scooter or a skateboard a go? With this feature integrated it would spice up the Eb and flow, of the soon hopefully many space you can go to, and who knows if the spaces get big enough maybe even a car!

With the 5 things i mentioned above, I think that home would get a lot more interesting, and a lot more used. Please leave comments on the stuff you would like to see integrated!

Cheers, Spencer Thompson

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