5 Ways to Make iPhone 5S Run Faster, Feel Smoother and Longer Lasting

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iOS 7.1 offered major improvements to iPhone 5S including Siri languages, HDR auto mode and more visual tweaks. However, there are additional ways to have your iPhone 5S run smoother and faster without jailbreaking the device.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple

Huffington Post compiled usable tricks on how to effectively speed up performance and smoothen the feeling on your iPhone 5S.

Clean the Browser

iPhone 5S features Safari browser which means there are cache files every time you surf the Web. Treat it like a computer that requires some maintenance by erasing these cache files regularly. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History > Clear Cookies and Data. You may also do this quick cleaning procedure on all other Web browsers installed on your device.

Remove What You Don?t Need

You may love installing tons of apps from the App Store but be aware that apps take space on your iPhone 5S. Unlike Android, all files on your iPhone are stored inside the internal storage which may affect performance if the space begins to go significantly low. Uninstall apps you don?t use anymore and transfer rarely used media files to your computer to free memory and storage space.

Please Don?t Keep Messages Forever

iPhone 5S does not have unlimited storage system and tons of messages stored on your device can slow down the app itself. Messages with media files such as photo and video attachments are more than twice the size of standard SMS. Delete or transfer them to a computer to free space. Go to Messages > Text Message Conversation > Press and hold on a sent text > Select More on the pop-up option > Delete All. You can check each message you wanted to be deleted.

Disable Auto Updates

Auto updates are great for getting latest feeds but it drains battery and can consume data. Moreover, auto updates may cause some sluggishness as apps are processing requests online for latest news. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Select which apps you want to have on auto updates. You may also modify the auto updates by preferring Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet.

Switch of Location Services

Location services can significantly affect battery life, performance speed and importantly, privacy. Several apps use location services to determine where you are but most of the time, it is not important. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Select apps or completely turn it off. It is recommended to turn off location services on social apps such as Facebook or Twitter but not on mapping or navigation apps if you use them regularly.

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