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5 Useful iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Apps: Workflow, Evernote and More!

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Image source and credits: Apple Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

Here are 5 iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Apps that can help you with your everyday work

Smartphones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 in particular, are the most popular gadgets of today. They are convenient, entertaining and can greatly help you with some of your work?like these 5 useful iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Apps that you will see on this article.

Looking for useful Apps that you can install on your iPhone 5 and iPhone 6? Here are 5 Apps that can certainly help you with your daily work

Transferring files is now a tap away! No more plugging in your USB cable to your computer or laptop. With this App, you can easily transfer different kinds of files from your laptop to your phone with just a tap!

Parallel Access is an App that allows you to remotely connect your phone to your computer and view them from your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6?did I mention that this App IS FREE?

What makes an App so great? Simple, features. The more features an App has, the better, pretty much like what Workflow offers to its consumers. Just think about this, an App within an App. For just a single purchase, you can now have many features like make GIFs, make PDFs from Safari, get directions to the nearest coffee shop and many more surprises. You can get all of these for just $4.99! Cool right?

Private Photo Vault is the perfect App for you if you like to save pictures or videos that are not meant to be shared or viewed by anyone other than yourself or the company you work for. You can either choose from entering a pin code or a pattern code for your security. Not just folder locking, there are also other features for this App like photo management, photo viewing, private web browser and more for just $3.99!

Scanning documents using your phone is impossible? Think again. Evernote Scannable is an App that turns your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 into a physical scanner. From documents, receipt to any kind of paperwork, you name it, this App can scan it! More importantly, Evernote Scannable is free!

Looking for a workspace that can make you productive and is distraction free? Why not try Evernote. You can do so many things with this App like take down notes from short lists to long research papers, collect information like web articles, handwritten notes and photos and keep them all in one secured place. Not to mention that this App is free! Though there is a subscription fee if you want to try the premium services which offers many more features.

Image source and credits: Apple

Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

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