5 Top Tech Predictions of 2017: Booming IPOs, Digital Assistants, More

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Tech Predictions 2017

It is hard to be sure that what the year 2017 has held for the tech industry. The changing technology in the end of 2016 can make up expect several rising and demise aspects of technology. TheBitBag has collected some top tech predictions 2017.

Booming IPOs?

Although 2016 was a bad dream for IPOs, there are very wide expectations for booming IPOs in 2017. Snap, previously known as Snapchat is the first big name which has filed paperwork for an IPO in 2017. After gaining IPO, the value of the company could between $25 and $35 billion. And Snap would be the 3rd most valuable company in the tech market after Facebook and Chinese e-commerce Alibaba. If the company successfully reached the heights of this success, the other companies will sure to follow it. And thus, there will be a boom boom in the tech IPOs.

Digital Assistant will be a piece of Cake

Embedded with smart technologies like smartTV, smart headsets, our smart homes need a smart assistant too. With the rising of digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo in the end of 2016, this year will full of new inventions in digital assistants. We can have a glimpse of Kuri the first home robot which will be debuted at CES 2017.

The internet of Things will Die

The internet of Things is the potential resource to help people leading easier and healthier lives. But adding an internet remote to each and every device can be very dangerous. The people only need thoughtful, durable and affordable devices that can make our lives better. It may happen that the internet of things die in 2017 and a renewed sense of purpose will emerge to make our lives better.

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Tech predictions 2017

The era of TV internet

The year 2017 will be the era of TV internet. We witnessed an increasing growth in smart TV and many smart TV devices. In this year, the TV will be the next desktop to stream online contents like videos and many other iOS and Android media app.

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On-Demand Ride?s demise

In 2016, Uber and many other on-demand ride companies like Didi, Airbnb experienced a 50% fall in their lion?s share of investments. The on-demand ride industry is now too crowded with too many competitors. With the razor-thin margins, the companies were not able to find out just customers, but also they were juggling with contract workers.

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