5 Sci-Fi Movies That Horribly Whiffed on Predicting the Future

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Sci-fi has been really popular with the masses. From the iconic Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future and many more, all of them actually left us curious. What should we be expecting in the future? Is it going to be really that advanced? Or are we just expecting too much?

Sci-fi tends to do a whole lot of predicting of what will happen by getting ideas in what already has happened. The best sci-fi movies present the faults of reality through a seemingly distant but advanced view of things that may come to pass. Some of the best examples of science fiction were quite accurate in their subtle but earnest predictions about how future humanity would be living in the unpredictable and strange near-future of the 21st century.

One great example would be Stanley Kubrick?s multi-functional screen/computer-type thing that was basically an iPad in 2001, this guy is now considered as a visionary. In the movie Total Recall, Paul Verhoeven ?pretty much announced Google?s self-driving cars three decades early, though thankfully Google isn?t yet finished furnishing the Johnny Cabs. Even Back to the Future Part II had its moments. It is a good thing, to hail these visionaries so we can also just hang loose and laugh at the movies that tried to predict the future and failed miserably.

Here are those movies:


A movie made in 1994, this movie predicted that it would be possible for us to travel in the 1990s and commonplace by 2004. This movie featured the almighty Jean-Claude Van Damme jumping through time to arrest criminals.


The 2009 disaster movie which we are thankful that it didn?t happen! The bogus Mayan 2012 apocalypse predictions thankfully didn?t push through.

The Terminator

Now this movie was good. But sadly, no good predictions here. Blame the Cold War for James Cameron?s obsession with nuclear war and Judgement day. However, Hollywood just keeps continuing, and the sequels to Cameron?s 1984 original followed shortly.


In the future of 1996 (which is totally our past now), hackers ruled the world. Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie wanted you to believe that hackers were the real deal. Hackers is a perfect case of studio executives and exaggerated screenwriters going overboard to the point of absurdity.

While we agree that cybercrime is a reality, and even featured in Michael Mann?s movie Blackhat, Hackers went the cartoonish route. For one, hacking isn?t that simple and the FBI is going to kick your butt into jail for that.

Demolition Man

This movie is the bomb! Like literally, Even though we can say it was fun and all, this mid-?90s Sylvester Stallone movie took place in the future , 2032. So we aren?t there just yet, and who knows it might happen (very unlikely). In 2010 an earthquake toppled Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara into a single metropolis called San Angeles. Taco Bell was the only place you can get food because of something called the Franchise Wars. All violence, including firearms and weapons, has been outlawed; sex doesn?t involve physical contact; and toilet paper has been replaced by three sea shells (How? What?).

Some of the predictions are on the right track, including that whole Taco Bell thing ?suggesting that all other brands are just simply the lesser evil (No, we?re kidding, Taco Bell is great!), Demolition Man is a movie worth checking out just because of all the absurdities.


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