5 Reasons Why Playstation 3 Will Come In 3rd This Holiday

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Sony has had a dismal start for it’s black beast, the Playstation 3. There’s nothing wrong with the system, the good games are starting to hit the shelves and Sony is doing it’s best to get it in homes for a reasonable price. With all the good comes a heavier evil. The press has slammed the PS3 since it’s launch for Blu-Ray inclusion, multiple SKU’s and high price. The negative printing press hasn’t run out of ink either. With the recent announcement that PS2 backward compatibility will be completely removed from the new 40gb SKU, fans are in an uproar. Shouldn’t they be happy that it’s finally come down to a reasonable $399 in it’s first year?!

With the 2007 Christmas season RIGHT around the corner, analysts are getting ready to predict the future of the big 3. Currently, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the next gen leader with 11 million plus units sold worldwide. Nintendo’s Wii is right behind the 360 in sales, give or take a few hundred thousand. Sony’s PS3 is currently at 6 million units sold putting it in 3rd place. Instead of waiting for analysts to print their pretentious predictions, I’ll give you 5 reasons why Playstation will come in 3rd this Christmas season.

1. Bad Press

The constant flow of bad press is still flowing and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. It’s gonna take a mega hit like Metal Gear Solid 4 to make everyone forget about all the negative rants that have plagued the internet.

2. Lack of Killer Apps

Now even though I’m writing this, I beg to differ. I still think graphically, titles like Heavenly Sword and even Lair are killer apps. These games however, didn’t move the units or set the world on fire like Halo 3 did. Most of the heavily anticipated PS3 games don’t come out until next year…after the holidays.

3. The 360 & The Wii

People who didn’t get a Wii last year will be looking to buy one this year. That’s a guarantee. I’m one of them. Also, the good news surrounding Halo 3 will still have a resonating effect this Christmas. I can bet that the majority of all 360’s sold this Christmas will have a very high Halo 3 attach rate. The PS3 has a couple of great titles coming out this year with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Ratchet and Clank Future and bless it’s soul, Eye Of Judgement. I just don’t think it’s enough to compete.

4. Sony’s Marketing

Sony’s marketing needs some work. They really aren’t pushing their products like they should be. Heavenly Sword, Lair and Warhawk, their 3 big fall titles hardly got any marketing. Yeah, maybe a banner here and there on a website or two, but no great tv ads at all. They shoved Blu-Ray down our throats and for some reason refuse to shove the ads too! Remember that Gears Of War movie theater ad that was out last year? Nuff said.

5. The PS2

While PS2 sales have slowed down, they haven’t ceased. I think Sony’s biggest competition is themselves. If they dropped the PS2 to $99 like I’ve heard, then they will move several of those units this Christmas. I’m willing to bet that they’ll move more PS2’s off the shelves than PS3’s. It’s not a bad thing because the PS2 library is stronger than any game system available right now. Also, the $19.99 bargain bin is a beautiful one. God Of War can be had for that price or lower. It makes for a great Christmas bundle.

So there you have it. Sony has a lot of work to do and I don’t think this Christmas will be the year they shine. Once the must have titles come out next year and they gain some footing, we might see a comeback for the PS3. Just about everything everyone wanted to see this year has been pushed back to 2008, this includes Unreal Tournament 3. I think those guys over at Wii60 had it right. This is waiting.

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