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5 Reasons Why iPhone 7 Release Is Coming Really Soon

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iPhone 7 release date rumors have been buzzing for months due to the anticipation of Apple?s loyal patrons. With no official information on when the much awaited smartphone will finally be available, we have rounded up five reasons why its launch could be just around the corner.

iPhone 6s Trade in

Around a month ago, tech enthusiasts noticed some important differences in Apple?s Trade-Up page: The Cupertino-based company lowered the maximum credit that you can get from trading in your old iPhone from $300 to just $250. On top of this, the credit can be used to either reduce a user?s monthly installment payments to a carrier like Verizon or AT&T, or pay for a new device up front – such as a new iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 leaks

The constant leaks of alleged iPhone 7 images could also hint that the phone is actually all set to be unveiled.

One of the early insider photos showed iPhone 7 back casings in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey color variants ? triggering speculations that the phone will not have Space Black option.

Other leaked photos also showed the alleged specs of the much-awaited handset, such as ?ear buds? in place of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. The regular 4.7-inch iPhone is also expected to get a single camera with a better sensor and more storage for photos. It will also have a new starting point of 32GB ? double the previous model?s 16GB option ? as well as a second option of 128GB internal storage.

iPhone 7

Leaked photo of alleged iPhone 7 cases

iPhone 6s discounts

iPhone 7 release date rumors also went on overdrive after Apple surprisingly added the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus to the roster of back-to-school promos last month. Aside from the current flagship smartphones, iPad Pro and other devices were also put on sale.

The move caused eager buyers to speculate that Apple placed the gadgets on sale to clear the way for iPhone 7?s arrival.

iPhone sales decline

Speculation rose this week after Apple disclosed a 27 percent decline in quarterly profits. This is the iPhone?s second-consecutive fall and is one of the company?s biggest challenges since the handset was released ten years ago. What?s worse, the tech giant also predicted another sales decline in the next quarter.

The reported decline in Apple?s overall sales could mean that the company needs to work double time to release a new phone that will attract consumers. Will the iPhone 7 be able to save Apple from its current sales slump?

iPhone 7

iPhone?s release date window

There have been rumors that the iPhone 7 will finally be commercially available on September 16. Aside from this being a little earlier than iPhone 6s? September 19 launch in 2014 and iPhone 5s? September 20 release in 2013, it is expected to also push the expected date for Apple?s media press announcement.

According to 9to5 Mac, the usual window between the announcement and release is two weeks. This means that in order for Apple to stay in the September timeframe, the closest release date to unveil the new iPhone 7 will be on September 5 or September 6. Pre-orders will also reportedly be allowed on that Friday, September 9.

Do you agree that these clues point to the approaching iPhone 7 release date? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates!

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