5 Reasons Why Donald Trump can start a Nuclear War

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The presidency of Donald Trump was unexpected for the rest of the world. The 45th president of the United States has gained the highest position amongst the world?s superpowers.

During his campaign, the image of Trump was reflected much more like a dictator rather than a republican candidate. His speeches have sparked controversial outrage amongst many countries and in many communities. He even made numerous statements regarding his views on the use of nuclear weapons during his speeches.

Trump is the president. The impossible and the unexpected happen. Let?s see what else we can expect from Donald trump as what he can do with all that nuke.

Reason 1: Trump has control over 1930 nuclear weapon

There are more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world distributed amongst the countries like the US, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan. Out of this number, the US is home to 1930 nuclear weapons and the president has the control over all the nuclear weapons.

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Reason 2: U.S. has a ?First Strike? Policy

After the dawn of cold war in 1940, the US has implemented the ?first strike? policy when it comes to nuclear weapons. The US does not need to wait until its own territory is attacked by a nuclear weapon. Although the cold war between US and Russia has ended, the policy remains the same.

Reason 3: There?s no restriction on Trump using Nuclear weapons

Generally, the US president has to wait 60 days for congressional approval to take any military action. But in the case of nuclear war, the case of the 60 days is completely irrelevant.

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Reason 4: Trump can launch a nuclear attack in minutes

All Trump needs to launch a nuclear attack is to give ?the biscuit? (a card containing codes) to nuclear commanders. Apart from this, he also has ?the football,? which offers him numerous options to strike at targets. It also has the location of secret underground bunkers where he can safely shelter and wait out the nuclear war which he had started.

Reason 5: Trump has already admitted he wants to use nuclear weapons

He has commented not only once but many times about the use of nuclear weapons. He also described his diplomatic views on having a nuclear war with Europe and North Korea.

The world can witness the real power of Donald Trump after he takes control of the nuclear launch codes on 20th January 2017. Will he eventually resort to using it? Who knows.

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