5 Reasons Why Apple Is Making A Mistake With iPhone SE Release

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iPhone SE

The big Apple media event is only a couple of days away and tech enthusiasts are surely excited about the great new gadgets that the company will be unveiling. According to MacRumors, the big headline for the special media event is probably the long-rumored 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE. While phone manufacturers have gone on and made bigger and bigger smartphones, Apple has decided to take a step back and make a smaller iPhone in hopes of capturing a market which could boost their iPhone sales.

While a 4-inch iPhone sounds like a good idea, many are actually a bit surprised by the decision by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Despite the excitement shown by people towards the iPhone SE release, is it actually a good move by Apple? Here are 5 potential reasons why the iPhone SE could be a big mistake.

  1. ?????People Are Already Used to Large Smartphones ? It?s no question that the smartphone users have embraced the larger models over the last couple of years. While some people have stayed using smaller smartphones, the large majority of the people have accepted and enjoyed using the larger phones now. With this said, I don?t see many users ditching their 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus just to get their hands on the iPhone SE.
  2. ?????Lower Price Means Lower Specs ? One reason why many people think that the iPhone SE is a good idea is that it will come with a lower price tag. While this sounds like a good idea, if you think about it carefully the price is lower for the iPhone SE because it won?t have the same specs as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Low price means lower specs and this could really backfire if users start complaining about performance issues with the iPhone SE.
  3. ?????Poor User Experience ? Having a 4-inch iPhone was okay in the past when only 4-inch smartphones were available at that time. But now that smartphones have become more than just phones, settling for an iPhone with a smaller screen may not be a good idea. With games, movies and apps nowadays being more enjoyable with a larger screen, the user experience and with a 4-inch iPhone SE could really suffer.
  4. ?????No Match Against the Competition ? While Apple may say that the iPhone SE is not going against the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S7 in the market, users won?t really think of it that way. All they would think of is which phone is the best one available. The Galaxy S7 is sleek, super-fast and it is waterproof so launching the low-priced iPhone SE at the same time may not be a wise move.
  5. ?????It?s Still Too Expensive Compared to Other Smartphone Options ? According to TechInsider, the iPhone SE is rumored to be priced at $450 for the basic 16GB model. While this is cheaper than the previous iPhones, it is still expensive when you think about all the other great smartphone options available.

It will be interesting to see how the iPhone SE will be received once it is officially launched on March 21st at the Apple media event. Only time will tell if releasing a 4-inch iPhone is an amazing sales strategy or if it will become a huge flop in the market.


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