5 Of The Best Android Widgets To Transform Your Homescreen (Free!)

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Customize and get quick access to your device’s awesome features by downloading the best Android widget apps

One of the distinct features that separate Android-powered devices from the rest is the Android widget. Widgets provide a quick way for users to access information and other features of their devices right from the homescreen or lockscreen. There are widgets that display the weather, others for writing quick notes, turning on a digital torch, and lots more. If you don?t want to scour Google Play looking for which Android widget to download, read on.


This Android widget app allows you to choose a home screen widget from its collection of six weather widgets. One of its best offerings is the 1Weather Tabbed option where you can obtain all essential details about your location?s forecast. It also lets you switch between hourly, detailed, or extended views. The widget?s appearance can also be personalized according to your preference. 1Weather is free on the Play Store but you may choose to shell out $ 1.99 for ad-free version.

Beautiful Widgets

This Android widget is one of the earliest releases in its category. It first came around when Android users were looking for an alternative to the then-popular HTC Sense camera widget. Beautiful Widgets offers an amazing clock-weather combination widget which is also customizable.

Google Keep

Of course, tech giant Google would never allow any list to leave out an entry bearing their ever-present name. Their popular note-taking app, Google Keep, unsurprisingly has an Android widget feature that you can install on your homescreen. In fairness to the megacompany, their note-taking widget allows a faster method of jotting down quick lists, to-do?s, thoughts, and even audio and images.

BaconReader for Reddit

Reddit prides itself by being the ?front page of the Internet.? That cute kitten video that your middle school classmate will share on Facebook two weeks from now, you can probably find it on Reddit right now. As such, BaconReader for Reddit allows you to scroll the ?hottest news? from the Reddit website right from your device?s homescreen. This Android widget is also resizable and lets you choose which subsection to display.

Holo Bulb

Holo Bulb is a digital torch app intended to focus on a reduced CPU resource usage and responsiveness. Its minimalist, 1×1 Android widget interface readily delivers a single purpose; one tap and your phone or tablet?s camera flash will immediately light up. It?s a handy feature if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night looking for your glasses or the light switch.


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