5 Of The Best Android Video Player Apps You Can Download For Free

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Top Android video player apps to enjoy movies and other HD content on your smartphones and tablets

With the advent of powerful mobile devices, entertainment will never be out of reach ? smartphones and tablets today can effectively function as portable theater systems. As the trends skew toward bigger screens, Android devices are becoming better outlets for viewing videos and other media, even HD contents. As such, we took it to ourselves and brought you five of the best (and free!) Android video player apps out there.


This is a solid Android video player app that features hardware and software decoding so it could play the most popular media formats. BSPlayer?s major offerings include hardware-accelerated video playback, popup window playback, and multi-core HW decoding support. Its major selling point is that it allows you to customize its interface (i.e. skins and themes) according to your preference. BSPlayer supports subtitles and can play almost all audio and video formats including avi, flv, divx, mts, mp4, m4v, mkv, mov, mpg, , rmvb, wmv, 3gp, flac, mp3, as well as streaming formats like RTSP, RTMP, HTTP live stream and MMS (tcp, http).

MX Player

MX Player is another Android video player that lets you ?enjoy movies on your mobile devices. It has a user-friendly and neat interface that supports pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures. MX Player also offers hardware and software decoding of different file formats along with useful features like variable aspect ratio, subtitle controls, and a quick-access screen lock. This Android video player boasts of a hardware acceleration option that can be applied to most video formats with the help of a new HW decoder.


This app leverages on an uncluttered and organized interface as well as a handful of straight up features. Diceplayer?s viewing window comes with playback controls, a view lock, multiple subtitle & audio track supports, a playback speed controller, subtitle sync calibration, and aspect ratio adjustment. This Android video player app is compatible with network streaming standards like Windows Share, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV.


Any reputable conversation about the best Android video player apps won?t be complete without mentioning MoboPlayer. This app has always been one of the most downloaded free video players in Google Play. It provides support for multiple onscreen subtitles, media streaming, multiple audio tracks, and a library management mode. What separates MoboPlayer from the rest is its ability to play pretty much any video format you?ll throw at it ? no need to convert it first.


If a no-frills and lightweight media player is your thing, then Vplayer is the right app for you. It doesn?t flaunt the bells and whistles of many full-pledged versions like MX Player and MoboPlayer. Nevertheless, if you want a flawless experience while playing video formats such as FLV, MOV, MKV, and AVI, this Android video player is your best bet. Apart from that, Vplayer offers an awesome interface, lots of configuration choices and hardware acceleration, similar to MX Player.

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