5 Of The Best Android Retro Games To Relive The Old Times

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Missing the charm of classic games from the 80s and 90s? Here are some of the best Android retro games now

It?s hard to put the good ol? retro games down. Even with today?s almost real-like 3D graphics, people keep coming back to the game genre that started it all. As evidenced by the recent upsurge and withdrawal (and impending return) of the pixelated game Flappy Bird, the retro-inspired category is clearly a gaming force to be reckoned with. Having said that, here are some of the best Android retro games you should have on your devices.


This Android retro game is possibly the most retro in this list. It would be awfully wrong not to include it. Getting huge inspiration from the original, the developers of this Android version came up with a game with loads of new levels. According to its Google Play description, the app offers a free tournaments section where players can play with their friends. Moreover, a new Mazes mode, Bonus targets, and multiplier ramps are also included.

Sonic the Hedgehog

If you grew up in the 90s, your were either Team Sonic or Team Mario. The well-loved plumber has not bounced its way to mobile devices yet but the popular blue hedgehog has. Sega?s classic Sonic The Hedgehog game had landed on the Android arena and has been taking it by storm ever since. Perhaps Sonic?s super speed or ball-curling ability keep gamers wanting for more. But with the arrival of this Android retro game, one thing is certain ? the battle between Dr. Roboto and Sonic is far from over.

Metal Slug 3

In its heyday, Metal Slug 3 was one of the most popular 2D action shooting games. Originally developed by Neo-geo, this Android retro game has been reinvented for mobile devices and now offers tons of weapons and slugs for players to enjoy. They can use these to survive and ?brawl their way on through the battlefield. This Android game?s graphics are slightly better than the old variant but still retains that side-scrolling gameplay that the original has been known for.

Duke Nukem 3D

Released in 1996, Duke Nukem is one of the earliest first-person shooter games and has become the inspiration for many other games that has been released thereafter. Duke Nukem 3D is an Android retro game version that manages to retain the graphics of the old version. All the missions from the original game are also the same so players will feel that they are sort of travelling back in time.

Galaga Special Edition Free

Galaga, released in 1981, was one of the most popular titles in the shooter game genre. More than 30 years later, new generations of players are now enjoying it from the comfort of their mobile devices. This Android retro game has the classic feel of the 80s game but also includes just the right amount of improvements to make it look maintained; those are updated power-ups, full-color graphics, and more than 25 new levels.


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