5 Of The Best and Coolest iOS 7 Tips and Tricks To Know and Use While Waiting For iOS 8

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Handy iOS 7 tips and tricks everbody should know before the iOS 8 release

During the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014), Apple has announced a lot of things. One of them is the next version of their renowned mobile operating system, the iOS 8. While the upcoming OS is only a few months away, you probably still don?t know a lot about the existing iOS 7 running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There may even be a cool iOS 7 tip you haven?t heard about, so we took it to ourselves and compiled a few of the best and coolest iOS 7 tips and tricks to keep you occupied while you wait for iOS 8.

Turn-by-turn walking directions

Yes, there?s always that turn-by-turn directions for driving in iOS 7, but the same prompted instructions for navigating on foot is also available. An iOS 7 tip to enable this easily is to fire up the Maps app, tap the Directions button on the screen?s top left, tap on the Walking icon then put in your destination and tap Route. Siri will alert you using voice cues when it?s time to turn and change directions.

Auto HDR Camera Feature

This iOS 7 tip is not applicable to all, unfortunately. Auto HDR functionality is only available to iPhone 5S models running in iOS 7. HDR is short for High-dynamic range imaging. It is ideal for taking pictures in low light and for shooting landscape views in natural light. To enable it, just navigate to your Camera app and tap on the HDR Auto button on top of the viewfinder.? We?ve also provided several tips on how to take great iPhone photos; you might want to check that out too.

Return to previous page: Swipe backwards

This unassuming iOS 7 tip is a clever time-saver ? after reading or replying to a message or email, browsing your music playlist, or adjusting your settings, just swipe backwards and you?ll be redirected to the previous page. Of course, when you?re on the main page or first level of an app, nothing will happen.

Compass app?s hidden feature

The new Compass app brought about by iOS 7 has a really beautiful interface. Not only that, it also has a few handy features seemingly hidden from plain view. One of those is Compass Headings, here?s how it works: for instance, if you?re aware that you need to go to 300? northward, just tap on the screen once and a compass heading will appear. It will guide you by displaying a red bar whenever you diverge from the path or direction you?re heading to. To set a different compass heading, tap it once again.

Know where you’ve been

For the extreme privacy freak, this iOS 7 tip may trigger another privacy-related panic attack. But for those who find it cool to know what places they?ve just been, it?s sort of a nice party trick. If you want to make use of it, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Frequent Locations. By then, you will see a map and list; blue dots indicate the locations you?ve been to. Of course, this feature can always be deactivated from the Systems Services menu.


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