5 iPhone “Secret” Functions

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5 iPhone “Secret” Functions


You think that your iPhone has been totally honest with you?

Think again.

Your beloved iPhone has been hiding secrets from you all along. With the help of some avid iPhone tech avengers, the secrets are coming out.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. It is just that with every iOS update of the iPhone, it brings with it some ?surprise? functions that you may have missed.


Here are 5 hidden things that your iPhone can do that you may not have known all along.


1. Capture the ?perfect? pic with your iPhone’s ?Motor Drive?

A Motor Drive in photography is a pretty old term to describe continuos shooting. Now more popularly known as ?burst? , your iPhone’s Burst function helps you get that picture that you always miss.

Most of us know how to take a picture with our iPhone camera. Just press on the ?click? button found on the screen to capture the photo. What many do not know is that when you hold down the capture button, it will take a series of photographs in quick succession and automatically saves them in your camera roll.

This function will make sure you do not miss the actual shot where your toddler blows out his birthday cake candle, or when your young athlete makes that awesome jump shot in his basketball game.

This burst tool can also make sure you capture your friend’s most embarrassing guffaw to post in your Facebook wall.


2. Block those annoying and persistent calls and messages.

We sympathize with all those sales people and contact center agents who are just doing their jobs in calling us about insurance plans or sending us messages to avail of add-ons for our mobile and cable TV plans.

But let’s face it, we do get annoyed with the barrage of calls that interrupt our work days and holidays. Well, fret no more iPhone users.

You can block these calls and messages with your iPhone by going to the ?Phone? menu in ?Settings? and input those numbers that pester you into the ?Blocked? list.

Simple and effective. No more pests.




3. Use your ?head? to control your iPhone.

Your iPhone is smarter than it seems. A special but optional function called ?Switch Control? enables you to just tilt your head one way or the other to activate certain functions.

You can find this option in the ?Accessibility? menu in ?Settings?.

When Switch Control is configured, you can set your iPhone to take note when you move your head and proceed to activate stuff like looking at the notification center or pressing the home button.

Switch Control is originally meant to assist users with disabilities but there is no reason why you cannot utilize this function, especially when you have your hands full with something else.


4. Shake those typos away.

Whether we type on our laptop keyboard or on the minuscule screen of our iPhone, typos are bound to happen. Just accept it.

The next time you are composing a text message or a ?Note?, and you misspelled something that does not have any ?auto correct? suggestion, you can easily remove the text by just ?shaking? your iPhone.


The shaking motion automatically brings up a menu of options ? whether to ?Undo Typing?, ?Undo? (the text), or simply ?Cancel? (and continue ? in case you typed something and ?shook? it accidentally).

This tool is also effective in case you copy / pasted a lengthy note by mistake and just want it erased.


5. Be reminded ?when? you get there.

If you are a bit like me who rely on the ?Reminders? app of our iPhone, you will agree that using this app to remind us what to do at certain times of the day is a very big help in our daily routine. I personally use the Reminder app to organize my ?list? of things ?to do? on a daily basis and the timely reminder helps me get through the day.


But sometimes, we need to be reminded of something when we get to a certain place, and not on a specific hour. This is where the location-based function of the Reminder app becomes handy.

The iPhone’s GPS enables this app to remind us of certain things to do, buy or bring when we get home, arrive at our place of work or visit the grocery store. There’s no reason now to forget a task ? whenever, wherever.


Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/likeiPhone5s

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