5 iOS and Android Apps To Have: Star Wars Scene Maker, Lumosity, Magicam, Roadtrip Mixtape, and Grub

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5 iOS and Android Apps To Have: Star Wars Scene Maker, Lumosity, Magicam, Roadtrip Mixtape, and Grub

With all the wonderful iOS and Android apps out there, it can be very overwhelming for the average smartphone and tablet user to choose which app to get first. Fortunately, the web does not lack in tech blogs and news sites, that generously recommend various apps that not only rank high in the app stores, but also get a lot of positive feedback from those who have tried it.

Here are some of the newer apps that are getting a lot of attention in the past week.

  1. Magicam ? A camera app from the makers of Camera+. This time, the developers decided to create an app that is simpler to use, but gives the same amazing results. No need to worry about professional ?sounding? editing controls. Magicam creates ?magic?, by using 9 ?moods? that improve your image with its ?smart filters?, with just a single touch. Magicam is available for iOS devices, for only US$0.99 cents.
  2. Roadtrip Mixtape ? Need to fix your playlist for that coming road-trip? There is no better playlist creation app that will help you more than ?Roadtrip Mixtape?. With this app, you only need to input your starting point and end location, and Roadtrip Mixtape will automatically set up your music playlist based on the route you configured. The app is a creation of a Spotify owned company called EchoNest. Spotify is behind the streaming service that powers the EchoNest app, so we are pretty confident that the playlist recommendations will be ?spotIFY on?. There is one drawback, however, since Echo Nest is a web app. Mobile users would need to access EchoNest via their phone or device browser. A Mashable article on the EchoNest gives out a wonderful tip to remedy this. iPhone users can add an EchoNest shortcut on their home-screen, by tapping the ?add to home-screen? function from the Safari share menu.
  3. Grub ? Remember the games installed in our old cell phones (versus smartphones)? One of the better games was (or still is) the ?Snake? game that just goes around and around, controlled by the 2,6,8,4 keys, and avoiding being trapped in the game area. There is a similar but better version of the Snake game called Grub, and it is available for iOS devices. The ?Grub?, a cuter variant of the ?Snake?, is optimized for the advanced sensors of the iOS devices, and is controlled by tilting the device to the desired direction, as it avoids (and kills) enemies, while eating fruit, of course. Players who have tried out Grub, say it is as addicting as the Snake game, but is definitely more fun and exciting because of the tilt controls. What also makes Grub a great pick is, it’s free.
  4. Lumosity ? This app has been rating high, not only in the iOS and Android app stores, but also in Google Trends. Lumosity is a ?training app? that contains lots of ?quizzes? for all sorts of people. The series of tests are customized, based on the user’s education and age, and is supposedly designed (education experts have not given their imprimatur) to improve and strengthen the attention and memory of the user. The quizzes include various subjects from memory tests, to mathematical problems. The basic sets of tests for Android (just made available recently), and iOS devices, are free, but the more advanced training modules require a purchase (in-app).
  5. ?Star Wars? Scene Maker ? An awesome app for the iPad, the Star Wars Scene Maker lets you create galactic style scenes from the Star Wars universe. The scene creator lets the user add additional characters, as well as soundtrack and animation. The app includes the Battle of Endor scene (Return of the Jedi) for free. For more scenes, a purchase is needed (in-app).

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