5-Inch iPhone 8 VS iPhone SE: Is New Mid-Range iPhone Worth The Wait?

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Rumored iPhone 8

iPhone SE reviews and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 have raised several similarities. As such, some may wonder if it will be smart to wait for the latter?s unconfirmed release date.

Apple introduced iPhones with bigger screens back in 2014. This was primarily influenced by the market?s demand for it, given the popularity of Note phablets and the like. However, the Cupertino-based company eventually discovered that more people supposedly still prefer smaller devices.

iPhone SE

This resulted to Apple launching the iPhone SE. Released during the first half of 2016, it is the same size as an iPhone 5s.


The four-inch device received mostly positive feedback due to its iPhone 6s-like hardware. Because of its success, many believe that Apple will come out with its upgraded versions to make it a full-fledged product line.

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5-Inch iPhone 8

However, there are reports that the SE might be too similar to the company?s next flagship smartphone.

Rumored for release this 2017, the iPhone 8 series will supposedly have a version that will only measure five inches. BGR said the traditional home button will supposedly be ditched. This will allow more screen space even though the overall size will allegedly be reduced. However, it is unsure if the bezel will be relocated, removed entirely, or will just be made smaller.

The iPhone 8 will also reportedly have Touch ID functionality and other related features.

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iPhone SE vs iPhone 8: The Verdict

The report pointed out how Apple tends to make designs uniform across all devices. As such, an updated iPhone SE version will most likely look very similar to a five-inch iPhone 8. In fact, there are rumors and alleged leaks about all-screen design.

However, the similarities have raised questions as to which of the two devices will be worth the wait for Apple patrons worldwide.

BGR reminded that the iPhone SE does not have much 3D Touch support. Being the smallest and most affordable iPhone model, some of its features have also been compromised.

The iPhone 8?s release date still hasn?t been confirmed. However, the abovementioned details leads to the conclusion that cash-strapped techies can perhaps settle for the SE. For those with extra money, the iPhone 8 seems to be worth the wait.

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