5 Free Video Calling Apps for Android Similar to Skype: WeChat, LINE, Tango, SnapChat and Hangouts

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By keiner, da kein Werk (de:Datei:Skype-icon.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Check these 5 Android mobile apps that are similar to Skype that also offer free video calling

Skype now has more than 500 million installs in total based on the statistics on their Play Store page, thus making it a really popular messenger app for Android. However, if you are tired with using the same app over and over again, you can always try different ones that also share the same features, like these 5 apps for Android that also offer free video call.

Five Android apps that you can use as an alternative for Skype according to the list from Android headlines:

  • WeChat ? This app is one of the few popular apps in the market today with over 100 Million installs and counting, based on its statistics in the App?s Google Play Store WeChat offers almost all the features you can find in a messenger app like stickers, group messages and now, even video calling.
  • LINE ? Another great alternative to Skype is Line, a free messenger app for Android that also shares the same video calling feature Skype has. Although there is one aspect to this app that totally beats the other and it is the cute stickers that you can send to your friends.
  • Tango ? Simple and gets the job done with no other added hassles, that is what Tango offers to its users. Compared to the other four on this list, this app has been with us for almost 6 years now. Tango was first released in 2009, as stated on their wiki page.
  • SnapChat ? Not just brief image viewing, SnapChat can now also be used for video chat among friends! Though as stated on Android Headlines, SnapChat is not really designed for video chat like Skype and they just recently added the feature so expect a few bugs and glitches when using the feature. However, it still gets the job done so no argument there.
  • Hangouts ? Google?s answer to Microsoft?s Skype. Group chats, simple SMS and stickers are also present here and not to mention the video conference that Skype also has on their list of features.

Image source?Wikimedia Commons

By keiner, da kein Werk (de:Datei:Skype-icon.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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