5 Facts to Know Before Buying Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is an instant hit all over the world. It broke the record of Nintendo 3DS by selling more than 10 million units in just a week. Such a massive sale has made Pokemon Sun and Moon the best 3DS selling game in the portable console?s history.

After getting the limelight from the huge success of Pokemon GO, Nintendo has brought the franchise once again with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Here are the five facts that every player should know about this most anticipated game.

It?s different from Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a VR-based mobile application that enables the trainer to catch Pokemon spotted in?an?area. ?Pokemon Sun and Moon is completely different from the mobile game, as the player has to control a kid and train him to catch and battle with Pokemon.

It?s different from Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon has triggered an international craze with its innovative franchise Pokemon Red and Blue for the second time. The entire Red and Blue Pokemon world is different when compared to Pokemon Sun and the Moon. The game is fully animated with complex item system and a day-night cycle with hundreds of new Pokemon that has never been seen before.

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Both are pretty similar

Although?they are?technically different games, the concept they are serving is almost the same. The only things that distinguish both the games are the time zones and different Pokemon.


It?s only 3DS compatible

Despite the company?s interest in mobile gaming, Pokemon Sun and Moon is available for the 3DS system only. The?game?is only compatible with Nintendo?s 3DS and so the player has to buy the portable console to?be able to play it.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon is as awesome as Pokemon GO. The game is fun, engaging and tremendously crafted for the players with minute details.

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