5 Best Games For iOS Lovers

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Are you ready to download gaming apps on your iOS device? If so, then it wouldn?t hurt for you to check out this list of the top 5 games that iOS loyalists surely love.

Plants vs. Zombies

Can?t get enough zombies in your life? Then Plants vs. Zombies should be in your iPhone?s or iPad?s downloaded gaming apps. Stave off dozens of undead wanting to enter your property and feast on your brains, by carefully plotting (and planting) the right garden plants.


Everyone who has played a video game knows Pacman, a legendary icon in the gaming industry. The version available for iOS devices takes it to the next level though ? great graphics and all. It?s for sale, but players can rest assured they?ll get their money?s worth eating dots and ghosts.

Jetpack Joyride

Like most other iOS gaming apps, Jetpack Joyride is also fun, simple, and addictive. An ascending and descending hero, by the name of Barry Steakfries, is what you can expect the gameplay to be. Navigate to collect coins, acquire power-ups, as well as avoid enemies and their deadly weaponry.

Infinity Blade III

Console players find Infinity Blade III suitable for all their action-packed gaming needs. With the series already being on the 3rd installment, iOS users can expect a lot more from it. Slashing battles combined with skill enhancements, personalization, crafting, another playable character, and a deep, beautiful story makes it worth?playing.

Angry Birds

All Angry Birds versions have been included in lists of top iOS games for many good reasons. While there is no doubt that the games are simple, all those bird slinging action is truly addicting. And with Rovio, the app development company responsible for the creation of this game series, constantly making tweaks and adjustments, iOS lovers always have something to look forward to.

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