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5 Best Android Educational Games For Kids

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Mobile devices are now offering a lot of apps and that can make life fun, interactive and educational. Some game developers know the importance of creating games that will help develop children’s minds.

Here, we’ve compiled a list that parents may consider getting for their kids.

  • All By Myself – this is inspired from the Little Critter book authored by Mercer Mayer. It is an educational app designed for preschoolers. According to the illustration and the app, the Little Critter can’t do a single thing properly but always does his best, exerting extra effort in doing things that needs to be done every day.
  • Star Chart – this app identifies the star that you are pointing at by raising your mobile devices to the night sky. Make sure that the night sky is clear for the app to get accurate results.
  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – This is designed for kids to learn counting, solve jigsaw puzzles, matching and identifying letters in a fun way. The kids will definitely love its animated stickers after they have completed various games.
  • Super WHY – PBS Kids offers an interactive game titled Super WHY which is a collection of four different reading game. Children will be able to play the game with each of the main characters coming from different TV series such as Super Why, Wonder Red, Princess Presto and Alpha Pig and at the same time practice the alphabet, reading, writing, rhyming and spelling.
  • Kids Learn to Read – designed for preschool children, this app helps your child practice how to blend the sounds together in order to spell and read simple words. The children uses Tommy the Turtle to help them blend the letter sounds through the letter bridge.

Just a word of caution: Parents should always supervise and limit the time their child spends from playing games such as the ones above. You should also be proactive in choosing the right app for your children by reading comments made by fellow parents.

Please feel free to add to the list by writing your thoughts in the box below!

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