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5 Best Android Browsers

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Internet browsers are not only limited to PCs and Mac, they can also be used in mobile devices. Various browsers have made their own apps that are compatible with mobile devices for ease of use.

Below are five of the best browsers for your Android:

  • Chrome – Google developed Chrome, the same company that gave you Android. Naturally, an average smart phone user would think that Chrome is the best browser to use with Android powered phones but this is not the case, especially if your needs do not complement with this browser. The main benefit you can get from Chrome is that you can sync all your data and preferences with either your desktop or mobile device. This also means that you can sync bookmarks and tabs across platforms plus password syncing and autofill.
  • Firefox – you could say that Firefox is in direct competition with Chrome because the two are the highly used browsers on laptops, PCs, Macs, etc. Like Chrome, it lets users sync all their preferences and data, which also includes history, passwords, bookmarks, add-ons and open tabs. It perfectly works on any device.
  • Maxthon – The main benefit of this browser is its cross-platform, cloud-based credentials. This browser is not only available for Android but also with Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, iOS, Mac and Windows. This is purely a standalone for Android but even with the exclusivity, it is a great browser.
  • Opera – A very popular browser to use when it comes to the mobile device world, although only available for Android starting at version 4.0+. It has a great Speed Dial feature, which is a bookmarking system, letting the user drag associated items with each other creating a bundle of bookmarks.
  • Opera Mini -made by the same company who brought you Opera, this is the little version of it, just as the name suggests. The similarities only end there. This browser is made to be very efficient and fast on very poor connections while using lower-end devices.

So, which one do you currently use? Let us know in the comments’ section!

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