4 Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

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4 Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day!


So your partner is a Techie. And it’s Valentine’s day. What to do?
It seems that because of the fast evolution of tech gadgets, it is so hard to please the techie friend or lover with a gadget gift. You are not so sure if the tech gadget or device you choose would get a passing grade with your tech sweetheart.
Don’t fret yet, there is one way to go tech without going the gadget route.
Think Tech!
We’ll show you how….
There are a good number of ideas where you can apply technology to give your special someone an awesome gift this Valentine’s Day. Here are some of them…


1) SCVNGR Hunt

Create your own personal and romantic scavenger hunt using SCVNGR from .
With the SCVNGR app, you can design and make your very own romantic adventure just for you and your partner. Lead her to where you two first met and let her blush in seeing a bouquet of red roses on this memorable spot. Or, A bottle of his favorite wine could be arranged in the dining place where he made his unforgettable proposal. With SCVNGR, there are a zillion ways to make your Valentine’s night out a tech but romantic escapade.

2) Hidden QR Love Notes

Create a Hidden Love Note using a QR Code Generator.
With the abundance of QR code generator and reader apps for both iOS / Apple and Android devices, it is so easy to make mushy but effective love notes, with a tech twist. Your techie partner will surely get a blast from this ?secret? message.


3) Pay Per View Movie on Valentine’s Night.

Many couples can’t afford to dine out on Valentine’s Night since no one will watch the kids. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a romantic evening. Aside from ordering a delicious meal, you can also order a movie via Netflix ( or your local pay per view provider) for your stay at home Valentine Dinner. To make it more special, try and find out your partner’s favorite romance flicks and make sure that at least one of them is available on your cable network. With today’s entertainment technology, cuddling up while watching ?Love Actually? (my personal recommendation), is just a click of the remote away.


4) A Web Domain and Page for your Valentine.

There are a lot of free web pages available where you can set up photos and videos and love testimonials for your sweetheart. And to make it even more special, you can even buy a domain name that has a special meaning for your partner. A lot of domains have the .us and .me name (Apple’s mobile me service) where you can play around with domain names like ? or ?harryand You can then create your own special place in the cyber universe and launch it on this special Valentine’s night.

So skip those tech gadgets and go instead for these wonderful tech ideas to make your Valentine’s Day celebration a techie but romantic adventure.

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