4 Smartphone Features You Should Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

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Recently, smartphones have introduced new features that for some might totally be useless. Although, some of them are gimmicks and just for show, some of them are still quite useful if you want to make your day worry-free and smooth. If you intend to buy another flagship this year, here are some recommendations of features you might want to consider before choosing your device. They are cool but very useful. Forget about the processor, pixel count and the build for now, and take these cool features in mind.

  1. ??????Huge battery life

Yes, battery life is actually a feature! Smartphones nowadays have built-in battery savers and high mAh. As I?ve always said, those don?t really translate to actual usage. Check out some reviews first and see if the phone is really durable and can last a day. The games and apps are very demanding nowadays and a bad battery is just going to frustrate you if you don?t have access to your charger 24/7. So just consider the fact that the ?figures? won?t matter, it?s still the battery quality that counts. A low quality 4000mAh battery would still lose to a 3000mAh of great quality so take that in mind.

  1. ??????Internal storage and expandable memory

A huge battery was our first choice, now for the second most valuable feature: Huge storage. If you want a phone that you can use for a very long time and still download apps and games on it, might as well ditch those 16GB variants and go with the 32GB ones. One major advantage is if it offers expandable memory too. Take a look at how huge you can expand your storage and buy memory cards you can use with it. A smartphone with a huge internal memory would be nice, especially if your phone doesn?t allow installing apps onto your external card. Smartphones with 128GB internal are already available as well.

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