4 Pet-Friendly Apps On Android All Dog Lovers Must Have

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The best pet-friendly apps on Android

As the popular saying goes, ?Dogs are a man?s best friend.? Many studies have already suggested that having a pet contributes to better physical, emotional and mental health. People are clearly aware of that information as there are over 75 million dogs being kept as pets in the United States alone. If two of your most favorite buddies are your phone and your dog, there?s always a pet-friendly app to help you enjoy your time with your furry friend. Check out our list of 4 handy pet-friendly apps you can download from Google Play.


Taking its cue from the original MapMyWalk app, this pet-friendly app encourages you and your loving dog to go on long walks. MapMyDogWalk will be able to track and display time, pace, speed, distance, apart from recording the route you?ve traveled. It can even monitor your real-time elevation along with the calories you?ve just burned. While we already told you about the best Android fitness apps out there, MapMyDogWalk may also deserve to be on the list.

Dog Friendly

This pet-friendly app provides an extensive guide about the best dog-friendly establishments within your neighborhood. Dog Friendly offers real-time information about parks, restaurant, hotels, and beaches where you and your pet can enjoy. This app works by plotting the relevant places on a map where you can easily visualize the places you wish to visit; a feature that lets you mark favorite locations is also included. As it is considered as a necessary feature these days, Dog Friendly will allow you to share your opinion and location to your Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

Pet First Aid

Having this pet-friendly app on your Android phone is like having a vet you can always pull up right from your pocket. Pet First Aid comes with lots of life-saving information which includes videos, images, and comprehensive articles showing how to take care of everything from mild sprains and cuts to more severe conditions like drowning or accidental poisoning.

Dog Park Buddy

So now you have an app for ensuring your dog?s health and for taking him to restaurant and beaches, how about a pet-friendly app that will help your four-legged friend to socialize? ?Dog Park Buddy functions much like a Facebook for your beloved dogs. It allows you create customized play groups and organize trips to the park where you and other dog-owners can let your pets play and enjoy. The app allows users to ?check-in? to a location and see who?s already there at the same time.


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