4 Of The Best Google Drive Add-Ons You Must Use Now

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Google Drive add-ons you should have to improve productivity

For a long time, people relied on desktop and laptop software to create and organize their documents and spreadsheets. Thankfully, the Internet has provided us with innovations such as cloud storage that aims to improve our productivity. ?One useful tool that leverages the power of the cloud is Google Drive.

In March, Google announced that they are bringing the ?Add-Ons? feature to Docs and Sheets. With these Google Drive add-ons comes a new marketplace where users can avail of tools to help them make their jobs easier. We rounded up a few add-ons below that we believe would be really useful.

AbleBits Suite

This is actually a set of five different Google Drive add-ons. Together, they offer powerful tools that will make your Google sheets easier to manage.? AbleBits is a company that initially provides add-ons for Microsoft Excel. Here are tools that this add-on will bring to your spreadsheets:

  • Remove Duplicates ? work by scanning and highlighting duplicate cells; gives you the option to edit or remove them completely
  • Advanced Find & Replace ? allows you to search for keywords across different sheets and along with other advanced search tools
  • Split Names ? enables you to separate values from one cell and split them into individual cells; Merge Values merges them back together.
  • Find Fuzzy Matches ? allows you to search for variations in spelling based on a given search term or phrase.


Certainly one of the most valued conveniences that Google Drive has brought us is collaboration. With Workflows, the process of approving documents is greatly simplified. It works by letting you run a document or spreadsheet through a workflow of different recipients. Each will have their turn to edit and approve the document. After one approval stage is completed, the next recipient will receive an automatic email prompting them to review, edit, and finally approve the document.

Mapping Sheets

??????????????????????????????????? Another handy Google Drive add-on is the ?Mapping Sheets.? With this, any geographical data in your spreadsheet (i.e. longitudes, latitudes, or addresses) are efficiently plotted onto a Google Map. You are then able to apply a filter to the map data to categorize them accordingly.


UberConference takes collaboration to a whole new level. This add-on functions by integrating audio call to your shared Google Drive Docs or Sheets. All you need to do is download it, set it up on your browser, and invite participants. This Google Drive add-on even has a feature that will let you record conversations so you can refer to them at a later time.


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