4 Of The Best Camping Apps For iOS and Android To Let You Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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Wondering which camping app to download? Check out this list of the best apps for all camping enthusiasts

While the ultimate purpose of camping is to relax, unplug, and get away from it all, the planning phase that precedes it can be really tedious. First, you need to decide which location to go, map out the travel course, and plan the activities you?ll do.

If you?re tired of packing lots of gadgets like maps, field guides, or even a dedicated camera, why not just bring your smartphone with you? Whether you?re hiking, nature tripping, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, there?s always a camping app for that. Here?s our list of some of the best camping apps you can download ? all of them for free.

Google Maps

Download: Android / iOS

There?s obviously no shortage of uses Google Maps can offer; from simply tracking your current location to finding out the best route to your favorite restaurant. Heck, it can even serve as a camping app! Before planning to head out for an adventure, download the offline map of the area you?re going to so you can refer to it later on. Do this by going to Google Maps, search for your destination area, drag out the screen until you see the map of the entire area, and then download it to your device?s storage. Even without any mobile connection, you?ll still see exactly where you are, provided that you?re device has GPS and that you leave it on.

Project Noah

Download: Android / iOS

With this camping app, you can record all your wildlife adventures and share them to your social media accounts later until you get hold of a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Project Noah lets you shoot and upload photos of interesting plants and amazing wildlife right from the app. It also serves a field guide that comes with various photos of plants and animals that you can filter by location. A section called ?Field Missions? is also included where environmental groups can assign you with projects focusing on environmental data collection.


Download: Android / iOS

AllTrails is a great camping app to use if you want to search for trails and know more about them. This is possible because reviews of those trails are already provided by people who?ve traveled them previously. The app boasts of over 1.5 million users and features more than 50,000 trail guides within the United States and Canada alone. This camping app allows you to customize your own trails using photos, text, and GPS tracking.

Survival Guide

Download: Android / iOS

This Survival Guide app is actually an army manual, so it could be a pretty hardcore tool to use on your little outdoor excursion. That said, you can just skip the chapters about psychological trauma, evading an enemy, and warding off wild animals, unless you?re planning on camping out at the Hunger Games? arena. This app is entirely based on the U.S. Military?s Survival Manual FM 21-76. But it can also double as a handy camping app since it includes comprehensive guides on how to build an improvised shelter, how to hunt or gather your next meal, and even make your own soap!


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