Did THIS 4chan Post Hint The London Attack? Everything We Know So Far

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London Attack
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A cryptic message posted on the internet forum 4chan has many netizens believing it might have given details of the attack at the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament in Westminster the day before it happened. The message in question was posted in the popular imageboard site’s politically incorrect (otherwise known as /pol/) community in Morse code at around 3 p.m. London time Tuesday.

According to Gizmodo, when translated, the code reads: “goto” The page where the link reroutes contains a binary code which, when deciphered, reveals the coordinates near Big Ben where the attacker exactly crashed his vehicle on Wednesday.  The same day the cryptic code was posted on the online forum, 4chan users already cracked the code and commented that it referred to the famous clocktower.

The original post, which has already been archived but is still viewable, also includes an image that features two guns and a hastily computer-edited note that reads “/pol/ 21-3-2017.” The image of the arms has apparently been taken from a 2010 forum post on a luxury car message board. Check out the screenshots below:

london attack4chan via Gizmodo
London attackPastebin via Gizmodo

At this point, it remains unknown whether or not the post had anything to do with the perpetrator. However, it’s important to note that the 4chan post made no explicit reference to the date or the nature of the London attack. Regardless, many are pointing out the chilling coincidence of the two events.

4chan’s owner and operator Hiroyuki Nishimura already responded to the claim, saying he is aware of the situation and is “ready to respond to law enforcement agency.” Authorities have not yet commented on the 4chan post though. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about the London attack:

London Attack: What Happened?

A knife-wielding assailant drove a car over Westminster Bridge, near the Houses of Parliament in central London, on Wednesday afternoon, killing at least three pedestrians and injuring many more. After crashing his car in a railing, he approached Parliament where he stabbed a responding officer to death. He was later on shot dead by the police.

Who Were The Victims?

So far, only the police officer has been named. Identified as PC Keith Palmer, 48,  he was a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. He had 15 years of service and was a husband and a father.

One of the pedestrians rammed by the vehicle before it reached Parliament was confirmed dead by a doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Among those injured are three police officers, two of whom are described to be in serious condition. According to authorities,  a “range of nationalities” were among the injured. This includes a group of French schoolchildren, four Edge Hill University students, and five South Korean tourists.

Who Was The Attacker?

Police have not released the name of the assailant yet. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed he did the act alone. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack either, although authorities assume he was inspired by “international terrorism.”

Hundreds of people were evacuated from Parliament to Westminster Abbey for safety. Meanwhile, politicians, journalists, and visitors to the buildings were locked in for about five hours. Westminster underground station has also been closed and is open for interchange only after the incident.

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