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3DS Hit Game ‘Bravely Default’ Jumping On Other Platforms?

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Bravely Default

Bravely Default


Developers of the popular 3DS JRPG game ?Bravely Default? states that the game could actually hit other platforms aside from the 3DS. It might even be the best JRPG there is on the 3DS to date. The game?s mechanics are pretty much Final Fantasy in feeling and gameplay with just a different name and added functions specifically tailored for the 3DS. It welcomes both newcomers and old-timers who played the same JRPGs from the company, square-enix.

In a recent interview with Silicon Studio who is behind the cutesy little heroes from Bravely Default, they stated that the success of the game means that there?s a big probability that the game will make its way into other platforms as well. Instead of just sticking to its native 3DS platform, there?s a high chance that it could also be, let?s say, ported into the Wii U as it seems to be one of the next logical jump.

?We may expand in the future, but we don?t have a clear plan yet. We?re talking about that, maybe using other devices, but we don?t have a clear plan. We?re trying to make a stronger franchise, just like Final Fantasy. We plan to continue with numerous titles.?

“On 3DS, we’re really using the 3D capability,” Terada said. “The scene is in 3D, but it’s not just regular 3D, it’s designed to be best seen in the stereo view. Even just a regular indoor scene is designed to have a feeling of depth.

Even though the game Bravely Default is specifically designed and to be catered on handheld like the 3DS, with its potential, it could probably be the next big thing since ?Final Fantasy?. Who knows? It might actually be headed into that direction? Anybody fancy HD iteration of the game or Bravely Default getting the same treatment Final Fantasy classics such as Final Fantasy III and IV had on other platforms? Go figure.

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