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3DS Games To Keep an Eye Out at E3 2014

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Upcoming 3DS Games

Upcoming 3DS Games


2013 was a good year for 3DS. What with the release of good host of games that helped the 3DS get good figures in the sales department, 2014 already had a good start with Bravely Default and it will have more interesting line up announcement with the upcoming E3 event. Here are some games you need to watch out for the upcoming E3 2014.

Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros has been a household name when people would talk about Nintendo games and battle-royal style gameplay. All the games in the series showcase characters from popular titles like Metroid, Star Fox, Pokemon and even other guest characters from games outside of Nintendo?s borders like Solid Snake. This year?s iteration of the game will star Megaman/Rockman from Capcom and more characters can be announced later on before the release of the game.

Amazing Spider Man 2

It?s a big YAY for movie-adapted games Usually, people are wary of games who got a movie-tie ins as bad ones and it?s true most of the time. However, Amazing Spider Man video game gave the movie the much justice, it deserved and the same can be said with its port to the 3DS. Although it could have been better if it had more features like free-roam and stuff it had with the consoles.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney

If you?ve played a few games from the Professor Layton series, you have a good idea of how much brain exercise you would get from its unique puzzles and brain teasers. If you have played any of the Phoenix Wright series, you would also have a good idea of how the game plays on critical thinking and careful observation in a courtroom setting. If you have thought of combining these two titles in one game then you?re in for a treat because it will actually happen this year.

Monster Hunter 4

The 3DS may only have Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate in the West, but Japan is already gearing up for the launch of the next handheld installment of the mega-selling franchise. Expect more co-op monster hunting, with more truly gigantic bosses to best, as well as proper online gaming that doesn’t require a Wii U with a wired broadband connection to get you up and running.

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