3DS Anime Fans Rejoice: One Piece: Grand Battle X is Coming

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Anime fans who want something that?s quirky, serious, and action-packed at the same time know what they?re looking for when they go watching or reading One Piece. This series, one of Shonen Jump?s very best, is about a kid who wants to become pirate king. The said kid is Monkey D. Luffy, who happens to be the member of a family who, though conflicted at times, is one of this world?s greatest. His grandfather is no less than a high official in the Marines, and his father, the leader of the world?s revolutionaries.

Fans get addicted to this series because of the tenacity of its main characters. Yes, main characters, because Luffy is part of a group. Being a contender for the title of Pirate King, he has surrounded himself with people who, more or less, got attracted to him because of his positive demeanor, among others. There?s the ship?s cook, Sanji, whose specialty in battle is using his feet; Zoro, the former pirate-hunter, who aims to become the world?s top swordsman; Chopper, the reindeer, who, with the help of a pill, turns into a gigantic monstrous deer; Nico Robin, a member of his father?s army, and member of his crew as well, and Nami, who is a cat burglar and one of Luffy?s earliest members; and Franky and Brook, a cyborg and an undead skeleton, respectively.

It would also be interesting to know that a game is slated to come out on the 3DS which focuses on the game. Titled One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X, this game is being produced by Bandai Namco. It boasts of a whole collection of characters from the famous series. The characters range from the pirates of Red Haired Shanks to the pirates of Buggy the Clown, as well as characters present in the current arc, like Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora of the Marines.

The gameplay is an alliance of sorts. You collect three characters, and of these three characters, one will be the main character you get to control. The other two are support characters that will help as you make your way through big pirate alliance battles, much like the Marineford battle.

One Piece for North America

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It remains to be seen whether this One Piece title is set to release in North America. For one, the company will need to see whether it will sell like hotcakes in Japan. However, if you?re looking for a One Piece game available in local shores, well, there?s one already.

This is entitled One Piece: Romance Dawn and it?s ?out on the Nintendo 3DS. Released last February 11, 2014, the game focuses on the story of Luffy, from his departure from Fusha Village, up to the Marineford Arc. It is also a role-playing game, the first of many such games to be released for the handheld. A turn-based gameplay is what it?s all about, and it should be quite easy to navigate for gamers already familiar to such play.

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