3D Realms Possibly Bought Out By Microsoft

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David Villarreal brought this up the other night before the Warzone and I nearly flipped out. It makes so much sense it’s not even funny. This is purely speculation and not a rumor or fact.

So it begins with Microsoft getting rights to distribut Duke Nukem on Xbox Live. Isn’t it kinda strange that they would put such a classic PC game on Xbox Live? They updated it, added Live support and now every gold user can have a blast from the past online.

On May 6th, 3D Realms closed their doors and their site went down. The site came back up a day later. The funny thing about the timing of the closing of 3D Realms is that it’s less than a month away from E3. What David told me completely blew my mind the other night. He thinks that Microsoft bought 3D Realms and that they are working on Duke Nukem Forever as an exclusive Xbox 360 title to be published by Take Two.

It just seems to make a whole lot of sense. Microsoft loves releasing classic versions of their games on Xbox Live before and sometimes even after an updated version is released. This could be one of Microsoft’s megaton’s at E3. Again, it’s just speculation but it would be really cool to see this happen. I’ve been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever since the game was announced.

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