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3D Printing: Helping Special Needs Children & Emergency Workers

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3D Printing: Helping Special Needs Children & Emergency Workers

(Here is Part 4 of our ongoing series on ? 10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Part 1 -3 ? please see below for the links. – Editor)

The year 2013 saw the rise and commercial viability of 3D printing and the future is getting even brighter for this technology.

(We previously wrote about amazing advances and possibilities of 3D printing in the coming years ?.do read our post on a 3D scanner attachment for the iPad in Part 1 of ?Life Changing Gadgets For 2014?Or The Near Future!? at: as well as our feature on Bio-Printing – ?Bio-Printing : Life Changing Gadgets For 2014?Or The Near Future! ? Part 3?

at: )


We discovered a few more inspiring technological applications of 3D Printing that will make this year a wonderful one, specially for the ?visually impaired? special needs children and for rescue and emergency workers (and the people they rescue, of course).

Hand On Search of Yahoo! Japan has come up with a 3D printing system that gives children with special needs, in particular, those with visual impairment, to print out a 3D model of things that they search on the internet. This gives these ?visually impaired? children a tangible and touchable experience of the world wide web. And it provides these models on demand….no ordering and waiting time.

In Haiti, iLab Haiti, a project of KIDmob, a non-profit design firm that helps empower communities, has implemented a system where 3D printing is used to create equipment and tools that aid medical and emergency staff workers with ?unavailable? tools and equipment exactly when and where they need it. An amazing example is the ?printing? of umbilical cord clamps to assist birthing emergencies.

3D Technology that’s helping out special needs children and emergency and medical workers. Talk about ?inspiring?.

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