3D Printing: Foreboding of a future similar to Fallout?

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A sample of old school 3D Printing
A sample of old school 3D Printing

A sample of old school 3D Printing

The newest technological process in 3D Printing has been developed by Carbon 3D. In this process, 3D printing is goes up a notch higher, moving from the layering process to now using liquid resin to ?grow? an object from a pool of liquid.

The Process in a Nutshell

The purveyor of this new process the start up introduced CLIP or Continuous Liquid Interface production technology. The central feature of the process is the use of photosensitive resin that would react to ultraviolet light (UV light) and oxygen. The product ?printed out? seems to magically emerge from a pool of the resin as the machine draws them out.

According to Carbon 3D Chief Executive Officer Professor Joseph Di Simone, a plastic ball from a pool of resin would ideally take 10 minutes. Using the old layering process, according to Di Simone, ?It would traditionally take up to 10 hours to print this (ball).?

He added, in a report from BBC, ?First up, (current 3D printing technology) the name is a misnomer. It?s really 2D printing over and over again.? It is a tedious process, to which he jokingly added, ?There are mushrooms that grow faster than some 3D printed parts.?

The Qualities of the New Process

The new method creates a much stronger printed object, as the traditional printing method creates a weak object due to the multiple layers done to create the object.

The potential for the printer is endless, from made-to-order stents or teeth ?while the patient sits in the waiting room.? There are also possibilities for custom made parts for cars, shoes and other research materials purposes.

While the new 3D printing technology still is limited to the resin or polymer based products, the company is working on the use of other materials for use in the process and eventually be the materials for 3D printed items.

The Future of this 3D Printing Process

The future looks bright for the process but a Terminator style creation may not be too far off in the future. Imagine a Fallout 4 game scenario coming to life, where protective armor and weaponry for the post apocalyptic world is created using materials available. Now wouldn?t that be a future option for the creators of this 3D printing process as predicted by current day game makers?

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