3D Inter-Galactic Shooting On The iPhone/Touch

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Com2Us has sent word out, that it has a new 3D space shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Personally I can confidently say that Com2Us offers up plenty of high quality games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hit the break for the trailer ,screens and information. mzl.dfwjrrny.480x480-75

Remember that these games cost you only a few bucks and offer a gamer the ability to play on the go, so simplicity is the key. Jump in and jump out gameplay should be the template for the iPhone and Touch devices.

The Screens:






The Trailer:


? Weaponry: 8 weapons with various upgrade types and levels allowing more than 130 upgrade combinations

? Endless missions: 25 main missions with 10 extra missions

? Enemy Types: Over 10 different types of enemies with 5 bosses

? Leaderboard: Global Online ranking feature

? Achievements: Complete 50 achievements to be awarded special medals


The Info:

As our first game of 2010, we would like to introduce Heavy Gunner 3D.

Heavy Gunner 3D is an inter-galactic shooter against an invading alien force.

With dual-stick controls and a full 3D panoramic view, the game puts you in the seat of a strategically placed turret.

Over 130 upgrade combinations and endless survival mode gives you hours and hours of playtime.

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