3 Ways Johnny Depp Is Involved In Brangelina Divorce

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It was just recently when the Brangelina divorce broke out in the news. But, it certainly did not take long before someone else was dragged into the mud. That someone is no other than actor Johnny Depp.

Fans were disappointed to hear that the couple they thought was perfect has already filed for a divorce. As bad as it looks, it seems like Depp is involved in this mess and there are three ways he can be connected in the issue.

? ? ? ?1. He is Consoling Jolie


Ever since the two worked together in the 2009 film The Tourist, Jolie and Depp has remained close. She was there when the latter had a divorce with Amber Heard. Now, it is his turn to comfort the actress.

According to reports, there is no clear indication whether or not their closeness played a part in the Brangelina divorce, but Jolie is certainly following Depp?s advice. Which will lead us to the second point.

? ? ? ?2. Jolie Hiring Depp?s Attorney


Jolie hired Depp?s divorce lawyer when he split with Heard. Sources say that the decision was the actor?s idea. Plus, the fact that Laura Wasser had already represented a lot of celebrities in a divorce case, she is certainly recommended.

Giving advice to Jolie surely involves Depp in her decision of breaking up with Brad Pitt.

? ? ? ? 3. Their Rumored Affair Few Years Back


As a result of their great chemistry on cam, speculations about the two having an affair had surfaced. There were even rumors that Jolie was tempted by the actor. Furthermore, Depp?s ex-partner Vanessa Paradis revealed that the actor slept with Jolie which caused their breakup.

Now that both of them are single, fans are speculating that after the divorce, something could possibly happen between Depp and Jolie. How about you? Do you think Depp has something to do with the Brangelina divorce? Or, was it a case of a couple not wanting to be together anymore? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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